D-DAY Poster


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World War 2 historical poster for fans of World War 2 Posters and military history.¬†General Dwight D. Eisenhower gives the order of the day, “Full victory–nothing else” to paratroopers somewhere in England, just before they board their airplanes to participate in the first assault in the invasion of the continent of Europe.

Photo shows General Eisenhower talking with American paratroopers on the evening of June 5; 1944; as they prepared for the Battle of Normandy. The men are part of Company E; 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment; at the 101st Airborne Division’s camp in Greenham Common; England. Photo includes Sgt. Fred Lindsey holding a sketchbook; behind and to the left of Eisenhower’s back (Source: Chad Lindsey; 2014); Russell Wilmarth; behind Eisenhower’s chin (Source: Alan Offen; 2009); Lt. Wallace C. Strobel with a “23” tag (Source: “Dwight David Eisenhower: The Centennial; CMH Pub 71-40); Ralph “Bud” Thomas; to the left of Strobel (Source: Eileen Thomas Hayes; 2012); and probably Corporal Donald E. Kruger; in front row; far right; wearing a musette bag on his chest


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11×17, 18×24