The United States First Fleet is a part of the U.S. Navy, and it has been in operation since 1946. It is worthwhile to note that the First Fleet has been more active from 1948 during which time it was called the First Task Fleet. From its early inception almost till 1973, the U.S. First Fleet was a part of the Pacific Fleet on the western side of the Pacific Ocean. Sadly, it got disestablished in 1973, and the duties of the First Fleet was taken up by the U.S. Third Fleet. One of the important tasks that were carried on during the manoeuvers of the First Task Fleet in 1949 was the sinking of the old cruiser named Salk Lake City as a target of the atomic bomb test. Many vessels served as a flagship for the Commander First Fleet during its service in the U.S. Navy. One is the USS Salisbury Sound which was the flagship for the Vice Admiral of the Commander First Fleet. The next one is the USS Curtiss which served as flagship for almost three weeks on the First Fleet and got used in the amphibious operations that were carried out in the Alaskan waters to check whether the vessel or the equipment would survive cold weather. Another, the USS Helena that became the flagship for First Fleet and similarly the USS Providence during 1969 till 1972.