One division which is a part of the four branches of the United States military and also a combined arms division and the combat division is the 1st Cavalry Division. The 1st Cavalry Division of the United States got established in 1921, and it is the only division that served in many wars such as the World War II, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, the Korean War, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The 1st Cavalry Division got established in April 1921, and within a few months, it got constituted along with the 2nd Cavalry Division. It got authorized under the new table of organization and equipment on August 1921. But it could not be completed until 1922 as it required assembling from the existing units. It was only in 1923 when the 1st Cavalry Division held maneuvers. After many years in 1938, the cavalry regiment got restructured to prepare itself for the World War II. It consisted of the troops from headquarters troops, special weapons troops, machine gun troop and three rifle troop in each of the three squadrons.

Though the division had lost its anti-tank troop, its fire power was robust, and most of the weapons got placed within its cavalry force to the extent that the .50 caliber machine guns had increased by three fold. In 1943, the 1st Cavalry Division had mounted its unit permanently by converting to infantry formation. In 1944, the division arrived in the Admiralty Islands near New Guinea, and it got attacked by the Japanese army. However, the division combat was such that the enemy force had to retreat and also surrender eventually. Following this, the division played a role in the invasion of the Leyte Valley thereby securing the Samar Island. Later in 1945 the division invaded Luzon and liberated about three thousand civilian prisoners and about sixty the U.S. Army nurses.

The 1st Cavalry Division played a significant role in the Korean War in 1950 where the division helped in shoring up the Pusan Perimeter repeatedly from 1950-52 and from 1957 to 1965. Similarly, it played a crucial role in the Vietnam War where it acted as the air assault division and got named as 1st Air Cavalry Division. The division’s operation caused the North Vietnamese Army to withdraw and it also received an award named the Presidential Unit Citation. Its operations in the Middle East during the 1990s is noteworthy. It took the role as the reserve for the VII Corps, especially for the ground combat. It played a role in moving the ground forces to Kuwait and the west of Saudi Arabia by assaulting Iraq held territory. The 1st Cavalry Division’s units like the brigade combat team got deployed in Iraq border in 2001, and some units have participated in the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The division is being deployed in Afghanistan right from the year 2001, 2014, 2015 and 2016 and thereby is supporting the U.S military base till date. It has its headquarters in Afghanistan and trains, advises and assists the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.