The 2nd Calvary Regiment of the United States Army is part of the United States Army in Europe and is based at Rose Barracks in Germany. Its root can be dated back to the 19th century. It has gone by many names over the years, including 2nd Dragoons (which is its current, official designation), 2nd Riflemen, and 2nd Stryker Calvary.


The 2nd Calvary Regiment of the United States Army has been in several wars since inception. It has taken part in the Second Seminole War, which was where the newly organized regiment first engaged in live combat. They attacked first on the 10th of June, 1863 at Welika Pond in Florida, and by the 9th of September, 1837 they had captured King Philips who was an important person in the opposition. The 2nd Calvary Regiment also took part in the Mexican American War. From 1842 to 1845 tension built between the United States of America and Mexico. This led the 2nd Calvary Regiment to move to Corpus Christi, where they established Fort Texas. Their purpose was to patrol the border in an aggressive style, which they did up until when they received word that the Mexican Army had started a march across the river towards US soil. However, this word did not come in time as two companies were attacked and either killed or captured by the enemy. This battle came to be called the Thornton Affair, and as a result the then president, President Polk, gave the order to attack Mexico in an all-out offensive.


The 2nd Calvary Regiment, also known as the 2nd Dragoons, took part in the American Civil War. At the very beginning of the war, the 2nd Calvary Regiment was deployed to the Eastern theater under the command of Thomas J. Wood. Colonel Thomas did not last long and was promoted away from the regiment. During the war, the 2nd Calvary Regiment was commanded by several officers, such as Captain Wesley Merritt and Captain Theophilus F.R. The last company to be engaged in warfare during the Civil War was Company C, and the battle was called Battle of Wilson’s Creek.


The 2nd Calvary Regiment was also involved in the Indian Wars, where they were deployed to repel hostile Indian militant groups and protect settlers. Because of the vastness of the American frontier, the 2nd Calvary Regiment was spread so thin that oftentimes only one man would occupy a post. The 2nd Calvary Regiment also partook of the Spanish-American War as well as the Philippines Insurrection. They were employed in the Cavite Campaign, the Battle of Mount Rebellion, the Battle of Mount Bagoak, and the Battle of Mount Vrut.


The 2nd Calvary Regiment was involved in the First World War. The 2nd Calvary Regiment also took part in the Second World War and more recently the Cold War. They were deployed to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War for Operation Desert Storm. They have also been involved in the war on terror.