The 25th Infantry Division is a division in the United States Army and is based in Hawaii. It is popularly dubbed Tropic Lightning and Electric Strawberry. During the Vietnam War, it was called the Cu Chi National Guard. They became active on the 1st of October, 1941 and participated in operations in the Asia-Pacific region.


Though the 25th Infantry Division was composed using two units: the 27th Infantry Regiments and the 35th Infantry Regiments, now it is made of both infantry units and airborne and aviation units in addition to a Stryker unit.


The 25th Infantry Division has a history that dates back to August, 26, 1941 when they were constituted and headquartered in Hawaii. After becoming active in October of the same year, they were assigned to become a unit within the Regular Army in 1949.


The 25th Infantry Division fought in the Pacific War. They were stationed at beach positions in a defensive posture after Japan conducted air attacks on a military barrack in Schofield. The 25th Infantry Division did not engage in the war until the 10th of January, 1943 when elements of the division to first arrive near Tenaru River made contact with the enemy. This led to seizing Kokumbona. This is considered by most as the fiercest battle in the Pacific during the war. The division took part in the capturing of Vella Lavella and Bairoko Harbor after which they won the island. After clearing the island, especially its airport, the division was transferred to New Zealand, where they rested and were trained. And between the 3rd of February and the 14th of March in 1944 they were moved to New Caledonia for more training. The division recorded about 1,200 troops killed, 4,100 troops wounded, 5 troops missing, and 2 troops captured as prisoners of war. Due to their rapid movements all through the different campaigns of the war, the division was nicknamed “Tropic Lightning”. After seizing Japan, it occupied the country for a period of five years.


As soon as conflict occurred in Asia again, with North Korea’s invasion of South Korea, the 25th Infantry Division was moved to South Korea to defend the nation on orders of the United Nations. This occurred in July, 1950. Under the leadership of Major General William the 25th Infantry Division were successful in blocking North Korea’s military access to Pusan Port, for which they were recognized by the South Korean government. This would be the first of many recognitions as more conflict between the two nations would improve the division’s reputation as being very effective during combat.


The 25th ID was engaged in the Vietnam War after a request for assistance from the US command in Vietnam. The division didn’t partake in any of the US military operations in the Post-Cold War era, especially Operation Desert Storm. This is because the division had been listed as the US military’s primary response to contingencies in the Pacific theater, such as renewed conflict in Korea.