The 38th Infantry Division of the United States Army has its headquarters in Indiana. It is formed from units in six different states. These states are Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Delaware, Michigan and Tennessee. It is one of the eighteen divisions in the army as well as among the eight divisions in the United States National Guard.

The 38th Infantry Division is also known as the Cyclone Division and was organized in 1917. It got its special designation after a cyclone tore through its training facility in the spring in Mississippi. This special designation is also featured on its shoulder sleeve insignia. The insignia is the shape of a spade bordered by a green line. It has two colors, the left half taking a red color and the right half taking a blue color. In the midst of the spade is the inscription ‘CY’ alluding to the division’s designation as the Cyclone Division.

The 38th Infantry Division was first deployed at the end of the Great War. They were sent to France, where they were divided into smaller units to shore up combat formations during the closing of the war. After this war, they were demobilized and later reformed on the 16th of March, 1923 as part of the National Guard. The 38th Infantry Division was conscripted into federal service at the brink of the United States’ entry into the Second World War. This happened on January 17, 1941. However, they would not deploy for war up until January 1944. Their first mission was to New Guinea, where they were all but idle. Their next mission was a security operation mission in the Philippines. Their first major Second World War engagement was the battle of the island of Luzon. Here, the 38th Infantry Division partook of the military landing on the shore of the Island. Their mission was to reclaim the Southern Zambales Province which at the time was under the control of Japanese forces.

Later, the division was redeployed back to the Philippines, where they were involved in clearing the Zig Zag Pass. They also cleared the Bataan Peninsula. The purpose of these missions was to secure the Corregidor and Manila Bay. Their outstanding contributions to these missions led to the 38th Infantry Division being dubbed “The Avengers of Bataan”. They were deactivated immediately after the Second World War.

The 38th Infantry Division was again federally recognized on the 5th of March, 1947. Between then and recent years, the division has undergone several restructuring and upgrading. Notwithstanding, they have retained their identity, insignia, and designations. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the 38th Infantry Division was mobilized to control the supply of relief materials to Mississippi. Their headquarters exercised total control of all National Guard units within the state of Mississippi.

The 38th Infantry Division has also been involved in the global war on terror. They have been utilized in Kuwait, the Balkans, the Horn of Africa, and Afghanistan under the auspices of Operation enduring Freedom.