About US

Honor-Duty-Valor’s mission is to make available unique military themed products for active duty military, military veterans, military family members, and fans of the United states Military. We take great pride in making products in-house that promote pride in the United States Military.  We are located in the beautiful state of Florida where we make our products in-house.

Our most popular products are our posters which we print on a Canon wide-format printer that produces amazing posters that you will be proud to display.  The printer lays down a lot of ink on each poster and we use premium glossy paper. Because of the paper we print on and the amount of ink used on each poster you should be careful not to touch the surface of any posters you buy because the oils on your fingers will stain the poster.

In addition to the premium glossy poster paper we also print on self-sticking vinyl paper that adheres to your wall much like a sticker. You simply peel the backing off the poster and place it on a wall or other surface.  No frame needed with the self-sticking vinyl. The unique aspect of the self-sticking vinyl is that it can be removed and repositioned on your wall and it will not lose its ability to stick and it will not damage your wall. The self-sticking vinyl will adhere to drywall, concrete, metal, and wood.

We also offer some of our prints on acrylic glass and metal which are more expensive options but the results are breathtaking. The acrylic prints are mounted behind acrylic glass and when natural or artificial light hits the glass it brings the print to life. Mounting prints on acrylic and metal is a very involved process which usually takes 2-3 weeks to arrive at your home.

Another popular product are our 15 oz ceramic coffee mugs.  Most of our poster designs can be purchased on a mug and each mug is made to order.  We use a printing process on the mugs that ensures the images on the mugs is vibrant and will not fade.  We are able to make custom mugs for your unit, squad, etc with no setup fees or minimums.

We offer other products such as wall calendars, mouse pads, shot glasses, light switch plate covers, shirts, cell phone cases, acrylic blocks, and much more. We are constantly looking for new and unique items to offer to our customers.  Please use the “Contact US” page to send us a message or locate our email address and phone number.  We value your business and look forward to hearing from you.